why you should have a console vs pc


PC and console gamers both want the most bang for their buck, but what that looks like and how it’s measured is different for each group. For a console gamer, costs are generally limited to purchasing the console, extra controllers, games, and perhaps online multiplayer passes. For a PC gamer, there’s a wide variety of options to buy if you choose to build your own computer, but not every PC gamer has their own custom-built machine.

Because there’s such a wide variety of possibilities and differences in perceived value, it’s impossible to say either PCs or consoles are more cost-efficient. It completely depends on the individual. The level of customization and performance you’re looking for determines the size your budget needs to be to get the platform you want.

Technical Skills

Generally, PC gamers need to have more technical skills than console gamers. Although it is possible to modify a console by adding new hardware, it’s not necessary. Console gamers do need to be able to install the sequel or update of their games. PC gamers need at least a minimal level of technical skills, even if they purchased a pre-built gaming computer. And by technical skills, we don’t mean the ability to write HTML code, but the ability to set up a computer with a general concept of how it operates. A PC gamer might also want to upgrade hardware components and install new drivers for those components, which calls for an intermediate skill level.

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